The complete set of 8 coins Boatmoney, shipmoney, schiffsgeld

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Now you can buy the complete set of 8 shipmoney coins from the Stoomv. Mij Nederland Amsterdam:
5 cent - 10 cent - 25 cent round - 25 cent square - 50 cent - 100 cent - 250 cent - 500 cent.

The SMN was taken over by Nedlloyd and in their archives were still these jetons. I offer these now to you in complete sets. There are only a limited number of sets available. Have you been on board on one of the vessels to Indonesia, Australia or Singapore? Or maybe one of your parents? On board these pennies were the legal tender and they are a nice memory to that long boattrip.

These coins are in circulated condition. There is an article in Dutch language about this shipmoney.

Besides this set of 8 coins you will receive a reprint (10 X 15 cm) of an old stock-certificate of the SMN.

These coins were produced by the Dutch royal mint in Utrecht from 1947 - 1959 and to my knowledge they were used till 1961. Mintages numbers:

5 cent: 170.000 pieces
10 cent: 190.000 pieces
25 cent round: 44.000 pieces
25 cent vierkant: 100.000 pieces
50 cent: 50.000 pieces
100 cent: 75.000 pieces
250 cent: 50.000 pieces
500 cent: 20.000 pieces (this coin is rare)

The 500 cent is the first Dutch bi-metalic coin. The second one is the euro, minted 53 years later.

Shipment is free within The Netherlands. Please ask for shipment to other countries.

Price: complete set € 40

Easy ordering: just send me an email:

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